The success of any Business Development strategy is virtually ensured before any activity takes place. This is true because a great "biz dev" strategy in the aviation marketplace has been carefully planned with realistic expectations, challenged, re-challenged, and challenged again by its stakeholders. It has been implemented with consistency and continuity so that the target cannot escape a well crafted message that drives him or her to a buying action.

Business Development is a process, not an event.

Before a single dollar of your company's capital is spent on media or production, M2 will take you through a series of discussions that will reveal who is your most likely prospect, where they are coming from, and where they might be headed.

A winning M2 biz dev strategy will use multiple paid and unpaid media channels to leverage the most opportunity to engage the target audience. A diversified approach to putting your brand in front of your most likely prospects is undeniably a smart and cost efficient approach.